Lana Picciano

The Looking Glass: Oil on Canvas (36x50 | $3600)My inspiration comes from nature which has many colors, sounds and moods. My expression is subtle and dynamic. The works are colorful, purposely devoid of images, and expressive.

Through my art I bring the viewer into another energy. The paintings are more than we know. The paintings are light and expressive. There is a spiritual identity to each work. It is the subtlety of the art which speaks to us.

My training and studies were influenced by Abstract Expressionist painters like Motherwell, Franz Kline, Mark Rothko and others. I was also drawn to the Impressionists because of their incredible use of natural light and to Kandinsky for his rhythms and musicality. And of course, there is Matisse who was able to express much with a few simple lines and his colors.

After obtaining a B.A., I went on to study at The Art Students League where I was a natural. My four years at The League were paid for by scholarships and assistantships. I went on to obtain a Ford Foundation Grant for study at The Provincetown Workshop. I also took stone carving and studied printmaking at Pratt.

Lana Picciano, Fine ArtistI always loved dance, especially ballet. My little girl would play classical piano every day after school and she filled the house with the music of masters. Classical music helped mature my art and influence my colorful compositions. Listening to Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin and others I could see the movements and feel the colors.

Nature is awe inspiring. The sounds, colors, quiet, and the different lights are in our hearts and in our soul. As an artist I express the wonder that resonates through the universe and lifts our heart.

I am Lana Picciano. I invite you to browse my portfolio, join my mailing list, or contact me.

My original artwork has been represented by the WORKS Gallery, 1250 Madison Avenue, New York City, New York for 22 years.
Florida representation is with Frame Gallery and Lorne’s Gallery, Cape Coral.
Original Oils are currently on exhibit at Fine Mark National Bank and Trust, Fort Myers, Fl. They can be viewed in their Community Room.